Rätsel des Unbewußten

Rätsel des Unbewußten

Podcast zur Psychoanalyse und Psychotherapie

Episode 31. A Lover’s Bind: The Psychoanalysis of Romantic Relationships

Rätsel des Unbewußten

One couple fights over household responsibilities. Another is trapped in a cycle of jealousy and control. Still another strives for total harmony and oneness—only to be tormented by intense anxiety the moment small differences arise. With the help of the famous psychodynamic concept of collusion, this episode deals with the often conflictual relations between couples. We often encounter in romantic relationships the contours of our unconscious longings and fears, factors that are anchored in our personal history and that are decisive in the selection of a partner. Topics include: the relationship dynamics of jealousy, narcissistic relationship dynamics, as well as helper dynamics.

The next episode will be released on 11/15-22

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