Rätsel des Unbewußten

Rätsel des Unbewußten

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Episode 33.The Phantom of Emptiness. On the Psychodynamics of White Depression.

Rätsel des Unbewußten

In contrast to “black depression,” white depression denotes an often inconspicuous, insidious affliction that can last a lifetime. Its distinguishing quality is a feeling of meaninglessness and emptiness that is nearly impossible to grasp, even if everything in life actually appears to be working out and there is reason to be joyful. As if, despite all efforts, it was simply impossible to truly believe in anything at all, as if all love and enthusiasm were simply a stage play, acted out for others. What this is all about and where such feelings towards life can come from is the subject of this episode.

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3 Kommentare zu „Episode 33.The Phantom of Emptiness. On the Psychodynamics of White Depression.“

  1. In this episode, you helped me to find language for something I have been experiencing all my life and failed to convey. Thank you.

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