Rätsel des Unbewußten

Rätsel des Unbewußten

Podcast zur Psychoanalyse und Psychotherapie

Tales of Therapy—Alex. Part Three. The Night has an End.

Rätsel des Unbewußten

After the previous phases of therapy, in which Alex’s symptoms and later his own life story took center stage, the outbreak of the Corona crisis sends the therapeutic work into turmoil. Fears of infection, but also alleged “conspiracy theories” confine the therapeutic space and raise questions. These become, at the same time, the starting point for uncovering the transgenerational entanglements. Alex explores the traumatic history of his family and finds not only a demon, still carrying out his nefarious deeds, but also a key to his origins and identity.

Translator and speaker: Soliman Lawrence.
Creators and producers: Cécile Loetz & Jakob Mueller

All case histories and details named have been published only with the personal consent of those involved and have been modified to render them completely anonymous, so that inference to any real person is not possible; or examples have been invented and are fictional. Possible overlaps with any real persons are therefore coincidental.

  • Help in mental crises: If you are in a mental health crisis, look for help in your local area and reach out to professionals. Many countries also have national programs. You can find information at this link, for example.
    If you are not well, please decide for yourself if you want to listen to this podcast episode. This episode is about panic attacks, anxiety and transgenerational trauma.

a. Intro: Chelsea McGough, Along the Danube. Licenced via Soundstripe.
b. Interplay: Chelsea McGough, Onward. Licenced via Soundstripe.


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