Lives of the Unconscious

Podcast on Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy

This podcast is devoted to topics on psychotherapy, contemporary psychoanalysis, and psychodynamic therapy methods, as well as social issues. Recommended readings can be found attached to each respective episode.

Why do we dream? Is there an unconscious? Why do we become mentally ill? And what is therapy like? Or: Why do I end up in the same types of relationships, over and over? How do I deal with a narcissist? Why do I always fall in love with the same type of person?
In our podcast, we devote ourselves to topics around psychotherapy, contemporary psychoanalysis, and psychodynamic therapy methods. In the process, we try to unravel a thing or two about the riddles of the unconscious and to awaken curiosity in understanding oneself and one’s environment better. We deal with mental illness and its therapy, but also with social issues and the psychology of everyday life.

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