Lives of the Unconscious

Lives of the Unconscious

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Episode 14: The Oedipus Complex. Timeless or obsolete?

Lives of the Unconscious

When this term comes into play, all analytical alarm bells start going off: Oedipus Complex. This concept seems to epitomize everything disreputable in all those abysmally-fanciful psychoanalytic concepts, which conflate childhood and sexuality and which give birth to concepts such as castration anxiety, penis envy, incestuous desire. But what exactly is the Oedipus complex about? And is the concept still relevant for psychoanalysis today?

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1 thought on “Episode 14: The Oedipus Complex. Timeless or obsolete?”

  1. Hello, I love your series of presentations. There is no link to listen to the Oedipus episode and I’m very keen to listen to it. Can I find it somewhere else ?

    With love and gratitude, Brunel.

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