Rätsel des Unbewußten

Rätsel des Unbewußten

Podcast zur Psychoanalyse und Psychotherapie

Episode 34. Dissociative Identity Disorder – Secret Lives

Rätsel des Unbewußten

The idea of split personality is fertile ground for stories of great imagination—while regrettably also inspiring and perpetuating numerous misunderstandings that continue to cling to the kind of personality organization that we will take up in this episode

*there is a small cultural variation in the episode. We use the German abbreviation “DIS” for Dissociative Identity Disorder. In English, however, the expression “DID” is common. We think that the episode is still easy to understand and hope you enjoy listening to it.

The next episode will be released in March

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Literature Recommendations

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  • Noble, K. (2011). All of me. My incredible true story of how I learned to live with the many personalities sharing my body. Piatkus
  • Sizemore, C. (1989) A mind of my own. The Women Who Was Known As “Eve” Tells the Story of Her Triumph over Multiple Personality Disorder. William Morrow & Co
  • West, C. (1999). First Person Plural: My Life As a Multiple. Hyperion


Cover made via Midjourney

Cut: Tim Schaub

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